About unbiased.co.uk

Helping over one million visitors a year, unbiased.co.uk is the UK's No 1 adviser search, connecting consumers with the largest choice of qualified, whole-of-market and independent advisers. We match consumers and businesses to over 24,000 IFAs, whole-of-market financial advisers, mortgage brokers, solicitors and accountants. We also make it easy for people to find the right advice by providing introductory guidance, expert insights, saving tips and practical tools. Advertising with unbiased.co.uk gives an adviser exposure to more potential clients every day than any other site.

Our online search is featured by some of the biggest brands in the media, as is our research and expert commentary. In our far-reaching media activity and award-winning PR campaigns, we work constantly to raise awareness of money-related issues, crucial life choices and the value of advice.

We also run the advice industry's most prestigious awards, the annual Media Awards that celebrate excellence in the media from financial advisers and journalists. Entrants come via the Bluebook, the go-to media directory for journalists writing on financial or legal topics.

In addition to matching consumers with the right advisers for them, we offer services for businesses including data provision, branded PR campaigns, email services, web content and tools. 

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