What is the response rating?

The response rating is an indication of your response to an enquiry. Once you receive an enquiry the action of either accepting or rejecting it will have a positive impact on your rating. Any enquiry that is allowed to expire will have a negative impact.

The response rating is not a score based on quality of advice given, nor is it a measure of customer satisfaction.


Why is there a response rating?

We introduced the response rating as a result of consumer feedback. Consumers were concerned about waiting times, so we devised a number of solutions, one of which is the response rating. By giving advisers an incentive not to let any enquiry expire, it minimises the time taken to match enquiries to suitable advisers. It has also greatly reduced the number of times a consumer receives no response at all. As a result we have witnessed a great improvement in consumer feedback and sentiment around response times.


How does the response rating help consumers?

The response rating has been designed to improve consumers’ experience when connecting with advice. A consistent response rating of 7 and above shows to the consumer that you are active on unbiased and responsive to enquiries.


What happens when I reject an enquiry?

If you decide to reject an enquiry, the unbiased system automatically searches and locates another set of advisers who match the consumer’s enquiry. The consumer is sent a notification of this and the process continues. Actively rejecting an enquiry assists the consumer process.


How is the response rating calculated?

The response rating is calculated on the positive action you take when you receive an enquiry – either accepting or rejecting it. Any positive action you take will go towards increasing your rating. Adversely, any expired enquiries will reduce your rating.


How often is the rating updated?

The response rating is calculated over a 30 day period and updated daily, so it’s likely that you will notice daily changes based on your activity over the last 30 days. Any expired enquiries at any point in the 30 days will impact your response rating.


Is it true that the fastest person to accept always gets the enquiry?

If you are sent an enquiry through the postcode search, you will be the only one to receive the enquiry. If you are sent an enquiry via our Connect tool, or receive an enquiry rejected by another professional, you will be one of a small group of professionals who can see the enquiry. Out of this group, the first to accept the enquiry will get the business.


Does the speed of response impact my rating?

No, your response rating is not affected by how quickly you respond to an enquiry (as long as you don’t let an enquiry expire).


I am responding to all enquiries within the timeframe, but my rating has decreased slightly. Why?

You may notice that accepting an enquiry results in a slightly higher response rating than when you reject it. This is to give consumers a clearer idea of which professionals are accepting more enquiries at the moment. Rejecting an enquiry will still boost your response rating, but by a smaller amount – as the consumer will need to wait longer before their enquiry is accepted.


I haven’t received any enquiries recently. Will this affect my response rating?

No, your response rating will not be affected. As with the out of office feature, your rating will continue to be the last rating you were given. Until you receive your next enquiry, your rating will not go up or down.


How can I change my rating?

Either accepting or rejecting an enquiry before it expires will have a positive impact on your response rating. Any expired enquiries will reduce your rating - as this is a negative action where the system has not been updated and the consumer has been left without a response.

You can change your rating by taking time to read the enquiry information and taking action on whether you feel it’s worth accepting or rejecting.


My response rating has dropped to 7/10. What does this mean?

Any enquiry that is allowed to expire will have a negative impact on your response rating, and you may notice it drop down to 7/10. This is because, by allowing an enquiry to expire, the consumer has been kept waiting for a response for too long. If you feel an enquiry is not for you, please reject it in good time, as this means that the enquiry can be passed on to another set of professionals and matched promptly.


Who controls the response rating?

Through your interactions with Unbiased and the positive actions you take when receiving an enquiry, you can control or improve your response rating.

The Unbiased platform is neutral and works merely as an enabler to connect consumers to professionals as quickly as possible so they receive the expert advice they need.


I responded to every enquiry. Why haven’t I got 10/10?

The response rating is simply a measure of every action you have taken over a rolling 30 day period. Any positive actions (accepting/rejecting enquiries) will have a beneficial impact. Any expired enquiries will negatively impact your rating.


What happens when I go on holiday?

There is an out of office feature that is available via your dashboard. It allows you to stop receiving all enquiries for a certain period of time – giving you peace of mind when you are on holiday or travelling to meetings.


What are the benefits?

  • Better enquiry control when you’re out of the office
  • Maintain high customer service level
  • Your response rating won’t be affected by expired enquiries


How do I turn on the out of office feature?

Log in to your account, click on ‘settings’ found on the ‘navigation bar’. Input the time you will be out of the office and click ‘update’.


What happens if I am out of the office or in meetings and cannot respond to enquiries?

If you are not available to respond to enquiries, we suggest you turn on the out of office feature in your dashboard. When this is switched on, you won’t receive any enquiries, so there is no risk them expiring and affecting your response rating. If you don’t want to miss out on valuable enquiries, you can always assign someone in your office to act when they come in. Some professionals have set up dedicated processes for dealing with enquiries and have support staff assigned to deal with enquiries as soon as they come in.


If you have any other questions around the response rating, please email us at [email protected]