35-year high for families facing IHT!

By 2018 twice as many people in the UK will pay inheritance tax* meaning the number of families facing inheritance tax is set to reach a 35-year high.* 

Preparing a 'bucket list' before the end of life has become very fashionable in recent times. But shouldn't building a 'bucket list' for finances also have the same level of prominence too - in order that we have the right plans in place to protect and pass on our wealth once we are gone? 

Do you have clients who need to prepare their own financial 'bucket list'? And are looking for help with: 

  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Making appropriate provisions for their investments and pension plans
  • Writing a will through your professional connections

Prudential can offer a host of support to help you with estate planning, including: 

  • Estate planning hub – easy access to online tools and support material
  • ClientFinder – shows you the concentration of different client types in your area – including those who could be looking for estate planning advice right now!
  • Planning Matters – read Margaret’s case study


* FT Adviser, February 2016 

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