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Trusts are more versatile than you think

Shelley Walker of Royal London puts paid to some misconceptions about trusts

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Help! I’ve been appointed a trustee. What are my responsibilities?

A quick guide to fulfilling your trustee duties

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The Power of Strategic Alliances

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What are the pension opportunities in 2016/17?

From lifetime allowances to the Lifetime ISA

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Creating a successful profile on Part 4

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Creating a successful profile on Part 3

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Creating a successful profile on Part 2

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Creating a successful profile on Part 1

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Protection against cyber-crime

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Ten opportunities from pension freedom

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The complete guide to business loan insurance

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The secret to cash flow planning success – part 1

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Don’t be shy about retirement

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A guide to key person insurance

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Creating a marketing plan which gets results

What’s in a brand? Martin Bamford of Informed Choice Ltd shares his experience of how his firm took a fresh new approach to marketing – with exciting results.

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Over the rainbow – taking your advice to new horizons

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Looking very carefully before you leap

Compliance consultant Tony Catt talks due diligence and research, in preparation for the FCA’s forthcoming thematic reviews.

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How to crack client role play

Stephen Hagues, Director of Retiring IFA, tackles the challenge of role play in interviews.

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One adviser who’ll never be underwritten

Some financial advisers may see themselves mostly as number crunchers. But having a way with words, and using it regularly, can prove to be just as good for business. Chris Daems explains why he’d much rather wield a quill than a calculator.

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Advising (not) for dummies

Of course, an experienced adviser does not need telling how to do their job. But with busy lives, even the best of us can commit the occasional oversight when dealing with a client. Here’s a refresher guide to the simple steps that lead to good advice.

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