Trust me, I’m a provider

Why insurance and protection customers shouldn't be put off by tabloid headlines

Hard hitting headlines

“Dying mother of two is refused life insurance pay out.”1 “What a way to treat a dying man: Grandfather refused life insurance claim.”2 “A widow betrayed by a life insurance company.”3

With headlines like these, it’s no wonder some consumers don’t trust providers.

Trust is key. Your clients trust you to provide them with good, solid advice. And you trust providers to do what they say they’ll do. If it comes to the point where a customer has to make a claim we know their situation is already pretty bad. The last thing they need to feel is they’re being let down by you or us.

The risk

We know clients are already under insured. In fact we found some shocking statistics when we commissioned our state of the protection nation research. It’s overwhelming how many people think it’s important that their family is looked after financially if they should pass away, but at the same time don’t think they have a strong need for life insurance. Whether this is because they don’t have an understanding of the products or they don’t believe they will get a pay-out, there are a lot of people who could be leaving their significant others and children in dire financial straits – certainly not something they’d ever want to happen.

74% of UK adults surveyed didn’t have a life insurance policy. And of these 50% have no life insurance because they don’t see the benefit in owning it, or they don’t trust insurance companies to pay out in the event of a claim?4 So nearly three quarters of people are without personal protection, leaving them at huge financial risk. And what are their views based on? Sadly it’s common misconception.

It’s all a myth

As we know, good news doesn’t always make for a good story. Perhaps that’s why we don’t hear about these as often. But there are plenty of uplifting and reassuring statistics out there.  

 “60% of claims paid out in 3 days”.5

“£870 million paid in individual protection claims in 2016”6

“92% of critical illness claims paid”.7

We need to shake off this stigma and perception that claims aren’t being paid.

We know convincing clients they need to take personal protection is hard enough so we want to help you manage this myth by providing you with claims stats and aids that you can easily pass on to your clients.

Visit to see our latest figures and to access materials to help you help your clients.




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