Unbiased + Moneyhub: what’s in it for you?

We've teamed up with Moneyhub to further boost your business

By now you’ve probably heard about our new partnership with Moneyhub, the revolutionary money management service. But what does this mean for you, and for advisers and consumers in general?

Jeff Prestridge probably summed it up best, when he wrote in the Mail on Sunday this week, ‘This deal encourages greater take up of financial advice. It is to be applauded.’ Other media coverage (from sources including FT Adviser, Finextra and Citywire) also recognised the significance of the partnership.

Our primary goal has always been to connect those who need unbiased advice with the right advisers, as quickly and effectively as possible. By linking up with Moneyhub, we are ensuring that our search tool hosting your firms’ details sit within sit within the universe of the people most likely to benefit from financial advice.

Consumers who use Moneyhub are already primed for advice. They have all their financial data at their fingertips and are learning to view their finances holistically. Through the platform, they can even share this information with their adviser in real time, streamlining the advice process and strengthening the client relationship.

We know that technology will play an increasing role in managing personal finance. The Unbiased-Moneyhub partnership is about acknowledging that trend, while helping to shape it in the most constructive way. Ultimately, human advisers will always be fundamental to the advice process, as we expect this partnership to demonstrate in dramatic fashion.

You can decide for yourself whether the Moneyhub platform could help your business, thanks to the special offer we've secured. Find out more here.


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