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You don’t have to follow the star

Truly wise men – and women – know that there’s much more to investment success. Anna O’Donoghue, head of research at Architas, reads the lesson.

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The end of the advice vacuum

The new pensions regime has seemed like a case of ‘suck it and see’ – But now the vacuum has started to shift and the dust has begun to settle – as Billy Burrows, Director of Retirement Academy, explains.

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Why use behavioural science with the sandwich generation?

Interview with behavioural scientist Professor Paul Dolan and Andy Beswick, Intermediary Director at Aviva

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How to crack client role play

Stephen Hagues, Director of Retiring IFA, tackles the challenge of role play in interviews.

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One adviser who’ll never be underwritten

Some financial advisers may see themselves mostly as number crunchers. But having a way with words, and using it regularly, can prove to be just as good for business. Chris Daems explains why he’d much rather wield a quill than a calculator.

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Advising (not) for dummies

Of course, an experienced adviser does not need telling how to do their job. But with busy lives, even the best of us can commit the occasional oversight when dealing with a client. Here’s a refresher guide to the simple steps that lead to good advice.

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The Markets

Minesh Patel, Managing director of EA Solutions shares his insight on the recent stock markets

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Calling all solicitors! What is your process when referring to an IFA?

Mark Brownridge at Mazars shares his tips on professional referrals

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How do you demonstrate that you put the long term needs and goals of your clients first?

Steve Gazzard from the Institute of Financial Planning, talks client trust, expert knowledge and what it means to be accredited

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The current and future seller landscape post RDR

Stephen Hagues of Retired IFA talks about the financial business sector post RDR

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Mitigate that unknown risk

As a follow up to his previous article, Paul Stanfield, CEO of FEIFA talks lesser known business risks.

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Investment and the bigger picture

Julia Dreblow, Director at SRI services, shares her expertise on Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)

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Professional connections

Graeme Ballantyne, business consultancy manager at Prudential talks how to win when working with professional connection

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AXA Life invest comments on the Value of Advice

Simon Smallcombe, UK Managing Director of AXA Life Invest, talks adding value to consumers in the long term

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Drawdown more attractive with removal of 55% “death tax”

Claire Walsh, winner of Young Adviser of the Year award 2014, shares her views on the abolished 55% “death tax” and what this will mean for future at retirement clients.

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Get ahead with a deeper understanding of your sandwich generation clients

Andy Beswick, Intermediary Director at Aviva, talks us through the sandwich generation.

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Working with small businesses

Are you working with a small business? Paul Lindfield shares insight on how you can build a long and successful relationship using these simple processes.

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The best age to take risks and reap rewards

Frances Kemp talks investing for the 20 something and creating a priority of needs.

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A risk you may have missed

Paul Stanfield is CEO of the Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers (FEIFA). FEIFA is a non-profit trade association that represents IFAs who are based or have clients on the Continent.

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Relevant Life Plans - do you know what they are?

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