Closing the advice gap, one question at a time

MoneyFlex is our ongoing campaign to help people improve their overall financial fitness. At its heart is the online Q&A community covering all things financial, from pensions to mortgages and more – with advisers answering users’ questions quickly, and free of charge. 

Just over a month since launch, MoneyFlex has already begun to chip away at one of the biggest barriers to advice, just by opening up a dialogue between advisers and a new potential client base. If only a fraction of those users go on to engage an IFA, then the benefits on both sides will be more than worth it.

What advisers says 

Who can participate? 

If you are currently on a PLUS plan or a Bluebook adviser you are eligible to become a ‘personal trainer’ in the MoneyFlex Q&A. Places are subject to availability, on a first-come first-served basis. 

Community rules 

We have a few house rules to ensure MoneyFlex works well for all involved. The Q&A is not a 'live' event, it's an ongoing community - but, the sooner advisers can respond to a post, the better!  

Advisers are expected to: 

  • Offer general guidance, rather than formal advice
  • Participate in the Q&A on a regular basis
  • Try to respond to consumer questions within 24 hours of being posted
  • Refrain from directly promoting their business or profile



How do I take part in MoneyFlex? Register your interest by emailing [email protected]

What happens next? We'll send you an email to get set up on our Q&A tool. Simply create a password, log in and add a photo. We suggest you use Chrome or Firefox for your browsers for the best experience with the tool.

How do I answer questions? Log in, and then you can answer questions directly on the MoneyFlex page

How can I edit my Q&A notifications? Log in > Settings > Notifications