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Claire Walsh, Head of Advice,

Claire is an award-winning Chartered Financial Planner at Independent Financial Advice firm Aspect 8  and also Head of Advice at  At, Claire is the face of in broadcast  media, regularly appearing in the media including BBC News, BBC Breakfast, Channel 4, Moneybox and  Share  Radio.  

At Aspect 8 Claire handles all areas of personal financial planning including pensions,  investments and  savings, protection and tax planning, with retirement and inheritance tax planning a  particular focus. In 2013 she  was recognised by the Chartered Insurance Institute of Brighton for Best  Completed Advanced Diploma, and in  2014 she won Young IFA of the Year in the Media Awards.

e: [email protected]

t: 020 7294 3682


Karen Barrett, Chief Executive,

Karen has long been a voice for people who want to make confident financial decisions. Since 2001 she has been at the forefront of media commentary about personal finance and financial advice. Making regular contributions in print, online and broadcast media, across national brands such as the BBC, The Mail,, Telegraph, Times and Independent, Karen has championed the interests of people seeking good quality professional advice.

Her work includes promoting the value of advice for consumers, educating the public on how to connect with the best financial and legal advice, and monitoring trends such as the cost of advice and the demand for advice in the UK. Karen won the Financial Services ‘Marketer of the Year’ award in 2014 for her work in the press on the Value of Advice.

 e: [email protected]

 t: 020 7294 3682