Solus emails

A solus (i.e. standalone) email lets you send your message directly to advisers in your own branded email, and will appear to have come directly from you.

What can I put in a solus email?

There are no restrictions on design, image, size, content or word count.

When would I use a solus?

Solus emails are most useful whenever you have an important marketing drive – such as a product launch, special promotion or re-brand. Whatever your message, you can communicate it straight to our huge database of advisers, and each solus you purchase includes a re-send so you won’t get lost in their inboxes.

What if I need more?

For longer or more business-critical campaigns you may decide that you want more than one solus email. If so, you can purchase either a static predictive data sheet or annual access to our data. This enables you to contact our database as often as you need to.



Engage with consumers as well as advisers using branded messages in our newsletters. Adviser newsletters go out weekly and subscribed consumers receive one from us every month, so there are regular opportunities to engage with these interested audiences.

What can I put in the newsletter?

Your message can include a logo, headline, link and 100-150 words.

When would I use a newsletter?

Newsletters are a great way to supplement anything you might already be promoting, by reinforcing the impact of other marketing channels (e.g. online advertising). Note that we are unable to promote a product or service directly, but we can link through to research, webinars or any other information, including video content.

See our adviser newsletters for examples.

To find out more about our email marketing plans, call us on 020 3696 2080 or email [email protected].